Metallic Rectangle Table Toppers

Product Details

Metallic spandex rectangle table toppers

Fits for tables with 72"L x 30" W x 30" H, 96"L x 30" W x 30" H, 60"L x 30" W x  30" H, 72"L x 18" W x 30" H, 96"L x 18" W x  30" H, 60"L x 24" W x 30" H…

This table top cover is coated fabric with luster and made of 82% polyester and 18% spandex and free washable

Transform a resin or laminate wood top table into a elegant presentation platform in seconds with the Stretch Fabric Table Top Cap Cover. Easy to put on and take off, metallic spandex-stretch table toppers provides a snug, tailored fit 

rental companies, restaurants, wedding venue owners, hotel, and catering business owners