Prevention of Wedding Banquet

1. The duty service Manager must know the specific person in charge of each wedding guest.

2, outside the wedding company to carry out wedding banquet layout needs to collect a deposit, the end of the wedding banquet must be checked by the Shift Service Manager no damage after the return of the deposit, otherwise will be based on the degree of damage to the price compensation.

3, guests bring their own wine must be when the noodle clear, after the end of the wedding banquet duty service Manager cleared remaining wine is responsible for helping guests to do a good job of handling.

4, about the wedding banquet remaining table number and wedding sales staff caliber unity. 

5, wedding banquet to provide packaging services, need to ask guests in advance, if necessary, the general situation and so on when guests start to pack for them.In the provision of packaging services according to the standard of the receiving table: Pull the chair, the mouth cloth on the table, small towel, timely inventory of the numbers, the small tableware will be collected first.

6, in the wedding ceremony pay attention to remind guests not to set off fireworks. 

7, checkout needs to pay cash, in the booking office to discuss wedding banquet recommended that guests on the same day in the main station safe, if the salesperson guarantee the need to inform the catering department in advance to the shift Service manager.