Cost control of Hotel supplies

1, quality control. In any case, the quality of the product purchased always has to be in the first place, which is related to the reputation of a hotel. In particular, food, beverages, tobacco and alcohol and other goods should pay attention to its hygiene and preservation. In the management can be divided into three levels of responsibility, that is, the use of departments, procurement Department, finance department receiving department.For the quality, brand and prototype, the use of the Department has the absolute decision, if the quality does not meet the requirements, the use of the department can unconditionally request immediate replacement. 

2, Quantity control. Blindly increasing the number of goods procured is undoubtedly a waste. The use department shall make a plan for the quantity of orders according to the actual needs. Can be divided into two levels of accountability.Use Department and Finance Department. 

3, price control. Price and quality, payment methods and other close ties, should be based on the "quality first, reasonable price" principle of price control. Adopt three level responsibility system, that is, use Department, purchasing department, finance department.